The choice of materials, of the road design, of the material sourcing has implications in terms of costs, carbon footprint, material scarcity, durability, safety, etc. Road design choice has an impact on up to 60% of the cost of a road project and up to 85% of its overall greenhouse gas emissions.


ORIS is a digital material platform

Based on LafargeHolcim’s global knowledge on construction materials and fueled by artificial intelligence to assess road design in a holistic view, down to construction and maintenance feasibility.




Using ORIS on road projects can: 

  • Reduce by 15% to 30% costs;

  • Reduce the environmental impact by up to 50%;

  • Increase durability

ORIS is a global material platform enabling road professionals to make data driven decision by proposing multiple pavement designs and sourcing options. 

ORIS enables to evaluate, optimize and redesign road projects taking into account the various parameters of the project: usage, loads, geotechnical constraints, local materials availability, weather conditions, etc.

ORIS develops a two-step approach:

·        First, generate multiple design and material solutions, according to project conditions, available local sourcing environment for natural resources.

·        Second, compare solutions driving user to the best solution based on his objectives.


Assess multiple road designs according to project local constraints

Assess multiple road designs according to project local constraints

Smart use of local natural resources

Smart use of local natural resources

Optimization of construction cost

Optimization of construction cost

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Reduction of CO2 emissions



ORIS team is continuously pursuing the development to fulfill project developer expectations to take control

of their roads project and improve road construction efficiency and sustainability.


Nicolas Miravalls

Nicolas Miravalls has extensive international experience in Road industry from site engineering to  general management, international contracting and business development. After 15 years abroad in Africa and Eastern Europe for an international contractor, Nicolas spent 5 years as international  independent consultant. Then he joined LafargeHolcim in 2013 as Global Head of Road markets where he sets the strategy for the road offering. Nicolas acts also on group commercial transformation through innovation and digital services. He is business sponsor and leader of ORIS since the first steps in 2016.

Renaud de Montaignac, PhD

Renaud de Montaignac is a generalist civil engineer and PhD in structural engineering. He has more than 10 years’ experience in design and project management on large infrastructure project. Renaud joined LafargeHolcim Innovation center in 2015 as innovation project manager. Besides offering technical support to operational teams, he acts to bridge engineering and material knowledge gap to create innovative solutions and services towards sustainable infrastructure. Renaud is project manager of ORIS at innovation center since the first steps in 2016.